Hiding Under Covers (2018)

This new covers collection continues Brett Ryan Stewart’s passion for questioning and exploring the human relationship with existence. Each song brings a unique view of the world into view, tackling loss and love across multiple genres. Along side Rosemary Fossee and Chris Tench, Stewart presents his second cover collection.

Surrender (It's You) (2017)

A collaboration with Cheyanne Cope. 

In keeping with Stewart's other work, this single explores themes of love and loss. the ebb and flow of relationships, submitting, resisting, and surrendering, or not. Impressions are always left behind. 





Tilt (2011)

As one critic put it, “This is powerful pop, with country dirt and indie edge, the production glimmers to be sure, but there is no sense of sugar coated emptiness, daytime radio varnish, but rather beautifully thought out song-play and craft.”

A culmination between Stewart and guitarist/producer Chris Tench, Tilt gives listeners a window into the landscape of Stewart's experience of love and loss.  With Nashville based producer Tres Sasser (Will Hoge/ James Dunn) and Roger Moutenot (Guster/Lou Reed/Yo La Tango), the clean elegance and effortless power of Stewart’s voice confronts the inevitable and the unknown from Stewart’s self-professed “awakened state of mind,” which he attributes to the recent, sudden loss of two friends. The release of Tilt, symbolizes a “…rebirth of sorts,” and, compared to his previous work, Stewart considers Tilt to be “more of an offering than a group therapy session.”

Choking On Menthol (2009)

(Brett's Side Project) Wide Eyed Sleeper quickly gained momentum with the release of their 2008 EP, Choking on Menthol mixed by Grammy Winning Producer Doug Lancio (Patty Griffin, John Hiatt). Though a short lived endeavor, this 5-Song EP packed a powerful punch and ultimately led  to a lasting creative relationship between Stewart and Tench.

WES was:
Brett Ryan Stewart: guitars, vocals.
Chris Tench: guitars
Kevin Cuchia: drums
Doc Downs / Alex Wadolny: Bass

Necessary Lies (2007)

Brett's first release hailed as "a sterling debut" by Performing Songwriter Magazine. In between long recording sessions and making records with other artists, Brett was chipping away at this reccord. In his own words, "this album culminates my experiences of heartache and loneliness, my disgust with the current political landscape, and all the human deception that makes life so damn fragile." Brett played a good amount of the instruments and brought in friends to fill in the gaps and provide a fresh perspective. The entire recording process spanned 2 years, with a hiatus or two, and a number of rewrites, re-recordings, relapse, etc...