My take on Nick Drake

I've been a long time fan of Nick Drake. Like most, I was introduced to his music via the Volkswagon commercials from some years back. What you may not have known is that his popularity came decades after his early death. He once said outside the recording studio he was working at, "If I'm so good, why am I so broke?". This is a sad truth that many artists face.

He hailed from the age of the Major Labels, when an artist's fate was determined at the hands of the bean-counters at the top of the music business pyramid.


Luckily for me, and for you, things have changed. Back then, I wouldn't have the ability to do what I'm about to do, RIGHT HERE, on this page, WHICH IS....


My trusty partner, Chris Tench, and I recorded one of my favorite Nick Drake songs called "Free Ride".

I want you to have it.

All I ask in return is that you SHARE or TWEET this player so others can find me.

This is how the new music world operates. You guys are the Label. Mr. Drake would be proud.

Below are TWO OPTIONS to hear the song and spread the word. Each take Only a few clicks. Choose the one you prefer. And THANK YOU! Hope You Enjoy.