For Mom, Everyday. (Springsteen to Stewart)

I didn’t send my Mom a card for Mother’s Day this year. Instead, I recorded this song for her. It’s a Springsteen song called “Jesus Was An Only Son”. Before you get nervous, it’s not a religious song. It’s a story about the Mother archetype, to borrow terminology from another hero, Carl Jung.

Springsteen to Stewart

I found it fitting because it tells of the lasting, binding love between a mother and child. But it also speaks of ALL Love. The Big Picture kind of Love. The kind that you share with a friend, a parent, a spiritual deity, or maybe with your own Soul. It’s the Love that walks beside you as you struggle, and carries you when you’ve fallen and feel as though you cannot go on.

The line that brings it all home, for me, is the last one. Gives me chills singing it. You can probably hear it in my voice.

So. I wanted to give it to my Mother first. Now I want to share it with you. It’s a free download. Yours forever.

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*Special Thanks to the lovely Alexandra Grace for contributing her cherubic vocal tones to the chorus.