New website & New Release(s)!

Greetings friends. 

Some time has passed since this site, as well as my social networks, have seen any updates. For the better part of the past 24 months I've been knee-deep in building The Sound Shelter, which, thanks to many of you who supported our fundraising campaign, has now been my creative home for just over a year. In that time, I've put my producer hat back on, working behind the glass with many other artists that I love. While I will continue to play that role, the time has come that I re-focus my attention to this other part of myself. You know, the part that keeps late hours alone with a notepad and tries to say the unsayable. 

See, I'm a tunnel vision kind of guy. Wherever the laser is pointed, that's where I'm headed. Until, of course, the laser burns through. Then it's like some kind of mental whiplash.  

What I'm trying to say is, I'm back. You'll be hearing more from me, and more frequently.  Matter of fact, got some stuff on the verge of completion that I'm excited about releasing. Keep a look out for an EP, it's a collaborative project called "The Here and The Far".  Been chipping away at it as we built the studio.  

On top of that, now that I've settled comfortably into "The Shelter", I will be recording more often, and releasing quicker. (I made a resolution to try and not overthink the songs and the production. I can change, I promise!). 

With all that said, let me suggest keeping in the loop in one or all of the following ways:

Those will be my main channels of tapping your virtual shoulder and inviting you to partake in the mess I've made of things.. ahem, in my new releases. 

So. A bunch is coming soon, but in the meantime, we're officially releasing this song out into the world. It's a song called "The Enemy", and it's a demo that never saw the light of day. It was originally written during the Necessary Lies sessions, but wasn't demoed until after the release of Tilt. I could never say, confidently, if it were "finished". After a few years away from it, I'm going to say yes, it is. Perhaps some day this demo will get a proper production. Maybe that's not even required. Either way, Here it is, in it's rawness. It's free. Please enjoy and share! (Click the DOWNLOAD tab on player to Share, which will then let you download)   -B



Ok, it's not entirely free. You do have to Share the song to download it. But that's not too awful, is it? You'll be helping me get the word out, for which I give you a virtual hi-five. So thank You in advance. 

PS. Also, please enjoy the free collection of my covers we've compiled on one compact page